Add a Piece of Your Heart to Warrior Heart / Warrior Goddess Ranch

At the Warrior Heart / Warrior Goddess Ranch outside of Santa Fe, NM we are putting our hands in the mud and building a community space. It is a true labor of love and we welcome you to be part of this community creation.

For a $10 donation per rock we will write your name or initials on one side and a word or simple symbol (such as a heart) on a precious piece of earth (aka a rock) found on the land itself. The rocks will be carefully placed around the property so that visitors will be inspired as they explore the land. Buy one for yourself, or for a friend. You can purchase as many as you want. All proceeds go towards supplies for tending to the space.

Donate below, and don't forget to let us know what you want to write on your rock. After you make your donation you'll receive an email where you'll be prompted to fill out a quick form with what you'd like us to write on it .  We will then later share photos of all our rocks on social media. Gratitude and here's to creativity and community!

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